Endless running, impossible jumps, and psychedelia


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Remaddening is a very peculiar 2D 'endless runner' where players face endless levels that are randomly generated as you overcome the various obstacles.

The game has three difficulty modes and as you progress each level will generate accordingly with more or fewer obstacles. On the easiest level, you just find spikes and other traps, while in the most difficult ... you'll be lucky to last more than a few seconds.

Among the configuration options, players can activate the ability to create levels where you can't go backwards, or scenes that rotate nonstop independently of your movements. In addition, you can change the color palette however you like, to add even more variety to the game.

Remaddening is one of the most original and entertaining 'endless runner' games on PC. Furthermore, although it has a very simple graphics, all its elements together make it a strangely beautiful game.
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